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The God Box
Date Release: October 27, 2004

THE GOD BOX is a provocative, racy sequel to CIRCLE IN A SPIRAL. This time, famed archeologist Art Wilder and his team of experts travel to Egypt to uncover the secrets of the Sphinx and to find the long-lost tomb of the legendary Imhotep.


While their search is purely scientific, there are others who also seek the famous lost tomb and the secrets that lie buried with Imhotep. And they will do anything to get them!


The God Box is the latest chapter in the Wilder sagas. It's a wild blend of history, science fiction and steamy sex and wry humor that also challenges the "accepted" theories of the origins of human civilization.


THE GOD BOX is a must-read for fans of Art Wiederhold and proves once again that he is the master storyteller of our time.

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