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Date Release: April 25, 2007

Life in the Floating Kingdom is no bed of roses. The island empire is beset by earthquakes, floods, droughts, bad storms and crop failures and demons of every shape and size. Worse, several powerful daimyo are gathering together armies of samurai and ronin and making plans to attack each other. The winner of this battle will then lead a bloody rebellion against the Emperor and his outnumbered Imperial Army. In general, the entire nation appears to be coming apart at the seams and there's little relief in sight. Into this chaos comes the indomitable Red Cleric and his companions. Summoned by James' brother, Byron, they have come to help the emperor discover who or what is the cause of all this misery and to put an end to it if they can. To help them in their quest, the emperor assigns some of the best samurai in Nihon to accompany them and the fun begins.REALM OF BLOOD is the latest novel from the warped minds of Art Wiederhold and Charles Sutphen. Like their previous novels, INSTANT REPLAY and YEAR OF THE BEAST, REALM OF BLOOD is filled with the usual jabs at pop culture, bad puns and hair-raising battles that have become the staples of this winning team.

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